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Students With Special Needs

Each one of our students is special and unique and we treat each of our students as an individual. Many of our students need extra support for a variety of reasons; therefore, it is important for us to have information about each of our students so we can best meet their learning needs.

Temple Chai is fortunate to have our Special Needs Coordinator, Michele Pearlman. She works with each family, each student, and with their teachers to create their learning plan. Sometimes this includes extra tutoring, sometimes it’s a trained classroom aid, and sometimes it’s working with teachers to adjust activities or projects. Michele also teaches Hebrew and religious studies one-on-one as needed.

All student information is confidential, and we appreciate working in partnership with parents to create the best learning experiences for their children. For example, if your child has an IEP, 504 plan or receives other support services at public school, it is helpful for us to know. Please be sure to include this information in the student profile section of your ChaiTech account.

For more information please contact Laura Perpinyal, Director of Congregational Learning