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At Temple Chai, we are all learners.

Our school provides learning experiences for Preschool through 12th grades and facilitates multiple adult learning opportunities throughout the year.

We are excited to announce - new this year - our brand new one-day-a-week Religious and Hebrew school model for our third to sixth grade students!



Spirited Jewish Community

Immersive Opportunities For Learning

Space and Time To Develop A Strong Jewish Identity


More Time For Family

By the time students finish 12th grade, they will have knowledge of, and experience with, each of the following learning areas:

Personal Jewish Identity Development

  • Seeking Jewish answers to life’s questions
  • Personal Connection to Israel, God, and Jewish Peoplehood
  • Personal, family connection to Jewish history
  • Yiddishkit: cultural vocabulary, local traditions and practices

Jewish Literacy

  • TaNaCH (Torah, Prophets and Writings)
    • Reading Torah, exploring Torah stories, how to find commentary on a given portion, and to write and deliver a D’var Torah (words of Torah)
  • Holidays and Festivals
    • Traditions, practices, and celebrations throughout our Jewish calendar
  • T’fillah (prayer)
    • Reading of prayers, understanding of prayer theme, order of prayer service, leading a service for peers
    • Hebrew decoding/ reading, translation and understanding of the grammatical root structure
  • Jewish History
    • Major time periods, themes and milestones

Reform Judaism

  • Informed Choice of Reform Judaism and knowledge of other streams of Jewish ideology
  • Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), taking actions that improve our world and our community.

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