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For many years Temple Chai has maintained a Madrichim program. Madrichim, literally meaning “guide” or “leader” is a program designed to assist our students, our school and to further develop the madrich/madricha’s own leadership skills. The Madrichim program is changing this upcoming year, adding a plethora of learning opportunities and workshops, as well as the creation of new jobs and expanding current roles.

Teens who participate in the madrichim program will end the year having learned leadership and mentoring skills that can be highlighted on job applications and college resumes.
Click here to apply to be a 5778/2017-18 madrich(ah).

Kitot Madrichim (Classroom Guides) כיתות מדריכים
Madrichim Kitot are assigned to a specific grade and teacher. Their responsibilities include:

Supporting classroom lessons ♦ Aiding the teacher as needed ♦ Assisting students with their class work ♦ Supervising students ♦ Participating with students during all special programming

Madrichim Meyuchadim (Special Needs Guides) מיוחדים מדריכים
Madrichim Meyucahdim are assigned to a student with special needs. Their responsibilities include:

Supporting the student throughout their time at school ♦ Assisting the student with their class work ♦ Working with the student out of the classroom as needed ♦ Participating with the student during all special programming

Va’ad Misrad (Office Committee) מסרד ועד
The Va'ad Misrad is responsible for supporting the Temple Chai School Office throughout school hours. Their responsibilities include:

Administrative support (copying, collating, distributing, filing and organizing school materials) as needed ♦ Communication with classrooms ♦ Answering the Temple Chai Office phones throughout school hours ♦ Counting and sorting of Tzedekah money ♦ Maintenance of school attendance.

Morah Madrichim (Tutoring Guides) מורה מדריכים
Madrichim Morah are responsible for tutroing Temple Chai students. Their responsibilities include:

Meeting with all ages of students at the Teacher’s discretion; both for enrichment and extra help throughout school hours ♦ Maintaining clear and accurate notes of tutoring ♦ Supporting students who need extra help in a respectful and mature manner.

Va’ad Persomet (Marketing Group) ועד פרסומת
The Va'ad Persomet is a brand new job created to generate marketing material for the school and youth programs. Their responsibilities include:

Documenting school events and classroom activities through pictures and videos ♦ Updating bulleting boards with student artwork, upcoming youth events and relevant current event topics ♦ Creating engaging marketing materials including flyers and videos.

Madrichim Shirah (Song Leader) מדריכים שירה
Madrichim Shira are responsible for leading our students in T'filot (services) and song sessions. Their responsibilities include:

Teaching lyrics and melodies to the students ♦ Preparing age appropriate song sessions and t'fillot ♦ Engaging the students in an excited manner to get them wanting to sing and participate ♦ Leading song sessions and t'fillot.

To learn more about Temple Chai's Madrichim program, contact Scott Goode, Assistant Director of Education, Youth, & Engagement 847-537-1771 x 225 or sgoode@templechai.org.

Download the 5777/2016-17 Madrichim Handbook here.