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Third Thursday Program

Join the Third Thursdays Group for engaging and informative programs every third thursday of the month. Programs start at 1:30 p.m. and typically go to 3:00 p.m. Check out all the wonderful programs coming up! Questions or sending an RSVP? Email Shelly Goldman at shellyg14.rg@gmail.com.


February 16th   

Anne Shimojima, Storyteller: Knowing your family’s story and why it is important.

Professional storyteller, Anne Shimojima will be sharing stories about Hidden Memory; Finding your Family Stories.   Anne’s story will become an inspiration for your own stories.   Her vivacious personality and joyous persona delights and energizes her audiences.

March 16th

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. How is it affecting us in the U.S.? Sandy Rockwell, BA and MA in history, high school teacher and adjunct college professor of history, will offer her observations and knowledge.

April 20th

Join us as Rabbi Hart teaches about the complexities of being a chosen people: for what and why?

Jewish tradition is filled with references to the “chosenness” of the Jewish people, yet this phrase throughout history has also been a source of great concern and uncomfortableness amongst many. What is the source of this term and what does it mean to be chosen, and for what purpose? Do the Jewish people have a calling in the world? Join us for a fascinating and enlightening conversation on the meaning of “chosenness” in Jewish tradition.

May 18th

Dede Harris is an extraordinary artist and a member of temple chai. Join us as Dede shares her intent, process and choice of materials in creating three assemblage sculptures which are hung in the Illinois holocaust museum. After the fascinating video presentation Dede will answer questions.

June 15th

A June Afternoon for Tune and Croon!! With Cantor Simon

Join Cantor Simon, our own concert pianist Gregory Shifrin and Special Guest Cantor Susie L. Friedman for an afternoon of wonderful Music by Jewish Composers and their influences.  You can anticipate hearing Opera, Yiddish and Israeli Art Songs, the music of Broadway, Yiddish film and theater and more! All from two of the greatest Cantorial voices on the planet… and your home by 3:30! What could be better?