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Caring Community

The Caring Community is comprised of a group of dedicated and caring Temple Chai congregants.  The mission of this group is to assist our family of congregants in times of need as well as to help celebrate their mitzvahs. We want to let our members know that their temple family is thinking of them and is here to help when they are faced with difficult challenges.  Some mitzvahs that we perform include sending condolence cards, sending a "cheer me up" plant and visiting congregants in the hospital, providing meals for a family during a prolonged illness, delivering Remembrance Baskets during the High Holidays for those who have recently lost a loved one, providing transportation to doctor appointments, services and programs at the temple, and sending congratulatory cards for births and marriages. If you would be interested in joing this very fulfilling committee, or would simply be interested in driving or cooking, please contact Cindy Kaplan.