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What is a Chavurah?

A Chavurah is a small, intimate friendship group of temple members, who share life events and activities, like an extended family, both in and outside of temple.  Being part of a Chavurah can enhance feelings of belonging, add fun to your life, and warmth to your temple experience. Singles, couples, and families, young and old, are welcome to explore Chavurah.  New groups form all the time and most launch in the fall.

Members of similar life stages are generally placed together, but we have several groups that have formed around special interests such as a women of teens learning group, and a movie special interest group. If you are interested, please complete the Chavurah application found here. If you have questions, please e-mail either Charlotte Leventhal crleventhal@comcast.net or Eileen Kuenneth at kuenneth@me.com.

The Daily Herald featured an article highlighting Temple Chai's Chavurot program and its successes (see picture). There are currently twenty two groups that meet on a regular basis with approximately 150 families involved. The Chavurah program is a wonderful opportunity to create strong connections to others in the community and the temple itself. Interested? Send in your information today to find your Chavurah!