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Resources & Communications

Mission & Vision

We inspire Jewish journeys in an inclusive, nurturing community with a passion for lifelong learning, music, acts of loving kindness, and a love of Israel.

•We inspire Jewish journeys

    within a culture of belonging and participation. Whether you find inspiration in our meaningful worship, a relationship with G-d, the warmth of our spiritual home, or our enriching traditions, we provide the environment, people, and opportunities to support your growth.

•We are an inclusive, nurturing

    congregation where individual differences are accepted, appreciated, and accommodated. Our community is an extended family that is supportive in times of celebration, loss, and need.

•We embrace lifelong learning

    for every age, offering engaging, relevant opportunities to explore Jewish teachings through each person's unique lens.

•The uplifting music

    we experience at Temple Chai has the power to elevate our spirits and to create a holy place. Our music enriches our relationships and community.

•Through acts of loving kindness

    , we instill a framework of Judaic values for how we both view and interact with the world.

•We foster a love of Israel

    by encouraging meaningful travel to Israel, and we bring Israel to Temple Chai through education, advocacy, and support. We celebrate our common ties with the worldwide Jewish community.